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1000 cranes, 2015
Rolling papers, plexiglass tube, mirror
30 x 12 x 12 cm

“1000 cranes” is a series of works created in transitional periods. They are a way to cope with waiting, not having access to equipment, material, or stimuli. Originally based on the Japanese proverb that folding 1000 cranes make a wish come true, or bring happiness, the cranes are reinterpreted. How to wait? How to be productive? How to overcome artist’s block? “1000 cranes” are artistic meditations, hand work, and a way to move to the next chapter. Each version is connected to a personal moment and investigates different adaptations. Whilst refraining from the monumentality of a heavy tradition, “1000 cranes” introduce an intimate point of view on the legend. White, ephemeral, and flexible, they hint at rebirth, persistence, and infinity. This is the first version of “1000 cranes”, made in a two-month time while dealing with physical pain and romantic rejection. The cranes were enclosed into an airtight cylinder, while two mirrors at the edges created an imaginary infinite line.

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