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xenolith, 2023
laser-cut sherurukku N tsuinsunō 90 g/m2
dimensions variable

A xenolith is a piece of rock contained in another type of rock, often embedded in magma while it was cooling as lava during a volcanic eruption. Xenoliths keep their unique geological qualities or metamorphose into the type of rock that contains them. 

If you understand yourself as a rock that is enfolded in a geological pattern, how do you weave your existence? Please transform the paper items provided and place yourself within the net.

Be careful, sometimes it’s so cold it burns, sometimes it’s so cold it’s warm. Xeno-liths, foreign-rocks, our skin can feel the stones we are trapped in. And when metallic blood swirls in long enough, then we will be the rocks. And when you let the void withdraw, be cautious to leave infinitesimal distance between you and the magma. This thinness will be your safety, your reminder of the void, your reminder of your xeno-existence. But keep the memories, keep the voids, the metals, the cracks, the tears that shaped you, the fears that shaped you. I’ll ask you again, in an eternity and a day, what you’ve become. I’ll ask you again, after 1000 tears, what you’ve become. I’ll ask you again when our voids collide. I’ll ask you again when we are hanging out in the same magmas. We could grab an ice kyaramel macchiato and drink the disoriented caramel until the cherry blossoms don’t burn. For now, please transform the papers into your own existence. And here we will be, there we will be, shimmering xeno-lith in volcanic soils. 

Part of Art Path Senju
Facilitating Team: Harah Han, Asako Jindo, Mimi Terayama, Sae Tomiyama, Asako Jindo
Photos by Ryohei Tomita, Kaede Kimura, Han Hara