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what is cosmos, 2019
laser-cut “Curious Metallic Silver”
17 x 22 cm (folded) / 34 x 34 cm (unfolded)
edition of 506

“What is cosmos” is essentially an individual research about the visual representations of scientific theories and folk traditions, which aims not to answer but to ask new questions about interactivity and the beauty of materiality. “What is cosmos” was first presented, as part of an installation at the Athens School of Fine Arts Degree Show 2019.

The work focused on the axioms of transformation through interactivity, not aiming at an educational or psychoanalytic approach. The artwork consisted of elements that the participants were invited to change by communicating in their own way. Those involved were free to interact for as long as they wished by responding to the question in each and every way, and using their spatial-temporal skills, either literally or metaphorically.

During the Degree Show, around 506 “what is cosmos” cutouts were used as the installation grew until the last moment of the exhibition. The participants’ response, proved the urge of people to communicate, meditate and interact through visual objects in a unique way. The created objects became a part of the work as a collection of answers in the question.