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Spielzeugkasten: Rebox – Debox, 2019
Space restoration, re-decoration and organising, 2018-2019

The “Spielzeugkasten” is the Game Collection of the Ruth-Cohn-Schule in Charlottenburg, Berlin, a School for higher traineeship of Educators. It was founded in 1974 and consists of a variety of Toys, often wooden and sometimes pedagogically oriented. One of its principles is the significance of games and play theories to pedagogical approaches. Until 2001 many projects took place in the Spielzeugkasten, initiated by personal researches on the theme. Currently, the Spielzeugkasten is a room located in the second floor of the building in Bismarckstraße, as a branch of the Library. It consists of a main room and a storage room of approximately 45 m^2 each.

During 2018-2019, Chloe Pare reorganized the existing archive and realized a new design concept for the space. The project was brought to an end by using the existing furniture, though curated in a new way, adding information where needed and sticking silver dots “dancing” out of the toys. The installation involved careful planning, practical skills in order to make the space functional, and aesthetic and curatorial qualities in order to set up an exhibition.

Now, and after “Rebox-Debox”, the “Spielzeugkasten” can be used again from the students and educators of the Ruth-Cohn Schule.