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Silver streaming systems 銀河系
laser-cut シェルルックN ツインスノー 90 gr/m²
dimensions variable
2022 – 2023

“Silver streaming systems 銀河系“ was an installation and workshop series that I designed as part of the art education program of Immigration Museum Tokyo in Teraji (18-19 & 21 November 2022), Takenotsuka (6 December 2022) and Miyagi (19 & 21 January 2023) elementary schools in Adachi City. IMM’s art education program had three purposes: to deepen an understanding of cultural diversity, to experience cultural diversity and to become aware of others different from oneself while building even more self-awareness. The outreach program was held twice in each school, with students of the 5th and 6th grade, about 300 participants in total. It included a succession of activities: introduction, movement workshop, art appreciation, art workshop and feedback sessions, which builded up a presence in each school.

“Silver streaming systems 銀河系” was inspired by galaxy formation in scientific, ancient Greek, Japanese and Chinese mythologies, as well as feminist science studies, and the rivers that flow in Adachi city, Arakawa and Sumida. Each workshop lasted about 50 minutes, and I narrated the flow in English with simultaneous interpretation and co-facilitation by Yu Nishikawa and the IMM team. In the first part of the workshop, everyone was invited to create their individual star by using a given paper cutout, and in the second part the stars were placed in the space, in a proposition to co-exist in the “silver streaming system”, the installation. 

The photos were taken at Teraji, Takenotsuka, and Miyagi Elementary Schools by Chloe Paré, Ryohei Tomita, and Takeshi Yoshida.