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PsyKi-1, 2017
F20-29: Universum Gras, 2017
wood, paper, lacker, glue, glitter
Chloe’s Box, 2017 by Daniel Miehe
Recordings from the Box, voice, algorithm Loop

ICD-10, the latest version of the World Health Organization’s Classification of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, divides the field into 10 big categories and their subdivisions. It sets up a fixed system, but still gives some room for the development of medicine and the awareness towards mental disorders. The project “PsyKi-1” however deals with the difference between system and individual experience. For each category a human sized walk-in box is developed: on the exterior one can read the definition, and in the interior an artistic conceptualization of a specific patient’s experience is perceived.
The Category’s F20-29 “Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorder” Box is built in real scale to experiment on the possible interaction with it. Conceived as temporary location is the garden of Charite’s Psychiatric Clinic, in order to impart the artistic handling to the patients and initially to suggest new perspectives on the disorders by the surrounding environment as well as forms of shared subjectivity.
A booklet displays the whole series of 10 models as an outcome of research and communication within the psychiatric field and as a proposal for further investigation and archiving of experiences.