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In collaboration with Gal Litvak
8 engraved papers 220 gr/m², 4 color pencils, silkscreened on plastic
21 x 21 cm, package 24 x 26 cm

Who’s phone numbers do you remember by heart? What was the best gift you ever received? How often do you prepare breakfast for other people? Who is the most interesting person you ever met? What does success mean to your parents? Why are some countries rich and others poor? Which song would best describe your state of mind at the moment? Have you ever been to Japan? Is art important to you? Why? Do you talk in your sleep? Why are so many songs love songs? Who do you miss? What would you tell them if you met? Why are sewer lids round? Do you enjoy wondering around in super markets? How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb? Which were the best shoes you’ve ever had? Have you thought of your funeral? What is boring? Do you use social media? Why? Is life hard? How do you have fun? Before making a telephone call do you rehearse what you will say? When was the last time you were lost? Mountain or sea? How often do you look at the moon? Are you married? This is a game to facilitate a conversation about life through the process of creation.