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haiku, 2014
72 ceramic tiles, 130 x 330 cm

The mural entitled “haiku” represents equations that straight-line can assume in Analytic Geometry. Equations simulate ideograms whose interpretation is approached through the lingua universalis of Mathematics, rendering lexical mediation unnecessary.
Moreover, Mathematics consist a long-term love on a personal level just as the tin-glazed azulejos, I first met in November 2013 in the sunny provinces of Extremadura and Andalusia. A school trip to Spain apart from the typical educational gain, gave me a great cultural and creative boost.
The location of the work was chosen before the sketch, the school I studied for 12 years. A school that shaped me and offered me space, both literally and metaphorically, for life experiment.
Meanwhile, the fact of “haiku”’s ceramic handmade material suggests distinctive monumentality and indicates the meditational process of their creation.
Pale and natural colors where chosen to incorporate to the school’s scenery and character.
Finally, placed in the yard of a school, it hints that there is space and time for Art, anywhere.