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Arche, 2021
Tokyo University of the Arts, Toride, Japan
Laser-cut paper 81.5 gr/m²
Dimensions variable

“Arche” is conceptually fueled by the essence of the word arche (Greek: αρχή) meaning beginning, origin, principle. The sculpture is a visual interpretation of the cosmological theory of the Greek philosopher Anaximander (610-540 BC) and a medium of haptic communication. Infinity, repetition and circularity reflect on the pattern of the installation. In the activation workshop that took place on June 17, 2021, with the members of Sato Labo, the participants were invited to interact and give their perspectives on beginnings. “Arche” started as a question about cosmogony, but ultimately collected personal and intimate definitions of various starting points and beginnings.

Activation workshop photos by Sareena Sattapon.