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2000 Cosmologies or 2000 CPAO, 2017
1000 A4 papers, ashes, plexiglas cylinder
12 x 12 x 30 cm

The Cosmic Egg, a symbol of birth and creation, echoes through ancient myths and cultural folklore, from Hesiod’s Theogony to the Japanese proverb of “1000 cranes bring happiness.” The project “2000 Cosmologies or 2000 CPAO” delves into this universal motif through a sculptural contemplation, weaving together the delicate balance of nature and the cosmic order. The project begins with the understanding that each crane gives birth to an average of 2 eggs, and only 50% are fertile. Thus, 2000 eggs are needed to sustain the cycle of life.

The eggs transcend into physical form with the laser-cutter, intersecting paper craft and digital design, struggling a new genre of meditation. As the project progresses, it narrates a tale of transformation through repetition, culminating in the burning of the “children of the cranes,” their ashes standing in solemn reverence beside those of their ancestors.