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1000 versions of the cube, 2019
mirror sticker 120 gr, mirror foil cardboard 320 gr
dimensions variable 

The artwork invites the audience to take a cube unfold, get involved manually and submit “their own version” thereby contributing to an in-progress installation.
The concept of repetition appears in life and in art: a thousand cranes bring happiness, a kilometer is broken by Walter De Maria, 6000 statues have the terracotta army and 500 cubes has this artwork, which open in two and become a 1000. The mirror from which they consist multiplies them infinitely and their total volume is 2019 square centimeters, a number chosen to emphasize the present. The uniqueness of each visitor is deposited in the installation, changes it and makes it unpredictable.

Presented in the exhibition “Studios 2019” in TAF Theartfoundation, Athens, Greece.