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1000 A4 washi cosmos squares, 2023
Part of URBAN WALKS Goethe-Institut East Asia
Concept and curation design – Studio GROSS
Digital documentation design – Kitasenju Design
Vehicle design – GROUP
Intervention Artist – Chloe Paré, Maurizio Cirillo
Graphic Design – Sumire Kobayashi
Reading, translation of Burkhardt’s text: Masamichi Tamura

“Spaziergänge in der Stadt / Urban Walks” presents seven artistic projects that use digital support to turn walking in (urban) space into an artistic-aesthetic experience. Present, future and past narratives of places and their people are taken up. Through a digital platform, the local art experiences can be experienced by audiences in other places.

PARK-PLATZ creates temporary public space. By re-appropriating parking lots in a local neighbourhood in Tokyo, the project aims to initiate placemaking. PARK-PLATZ creates opportunities to linger in public space, sit and rest, mingle and chat, exchange and take the time to perceive our urban environment.  PARK-PLATZ refers to a series of walking-based research conducted in the seminar “Strollology – Perception and Traffic” in 1992/1993 at the University of Kassel, Germany. This year, thirty years later, we want to bring one of their ideas to Tokyo.

Tokyo has a unique urban morphology where numerous houses belong to individuals. At first glance, a village-like structure with the potential for community. But as public space is limited, neighbours long for opportunities to stay connected with each other. With a common strategy of turning empty private plots into parking lots, the urban fabric loses the chance of placemaking.

Through “
1000 A4 washi cosmos” squares we playfully accumulate our spatiotemporal awarenesses while strolling in URBAN WALKS Tokyo. The participants are invited to weave together a plateau, a system that, during the successive act, cobwebs the entropies of subjectivities. The installation grows with visual, tactile, kinesthetic, spatial and architectural discoveries.